Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Yellow Rose of Texas

Long time gone! I'm banking on the success of my IPad in other areas by moving my blog access here. We will see if this is more effective. First post using the pad is a reprint from my Facebook account to a friend regarding the Aamo and ultimate Texican victory.

Two interesting points on the whole Alamo/Mexican-American war situation. Point one: isn't it interesting that throughout American history slaveholders often screamed and shrieked and pontificated on the desperate need to fight for their rights; and when pressed on the point, would loudly and proudly declare that meant the right to enslave other human beings? Point 2: as the son of a Texan, I am well aware of certain folklore elements regarding Santa Anna's ultimate defeat.  Many Texans to this day insist that the true story of that "siesta" is that the famous Yellow Rose of Texas seduced Santa Anna in order to distract him from the business at hand, thus giving the Texicans a great advantage. And that is why she is memorialized forever in the Texas national anthem, "The Yellow Rose of Texas". A strange irony for a slaveholding state, since the term, "Yellow Rose", referred to a certain skin tone in a black woman.

The song is grossly racist, of course. Nevertheless, it is so strange to think that one of the most fervent slaveholding states, as part of it's origin myth, regards a black woman as key to their victory.