Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hard Times

Weds. Pick up Austin at school. Get some shopping done. Long time at McDonald's while he plays.

Thurs. Pick up Austin at school. Rock climbing for an hour way out in the desert.

Fri. Watch Oobie and Charlie for four hours. Use the
Transcutaneous stimulator to ease the sciatica from rock climbing.

Sat. James and Toni help clean the house. Help Racquell with homework on Dante, Machiavelli, etc.
Help Cory and Ashlyn move (a little). Get carnitas burrito on way home. Make fire. Collapse and eat burrito.

I am coming apart at more than the seams! But the Christmas lights are lovely. The fire is crackling. The view is beautiful. Christmas is coming. Blessings be upon us all.