Friday, August 27, 2010

Some thoughts on Glenn Beck. Let’s begin with Glenn Beck on Glen Beck:

“I’m a rodeo clown,” he said in an interview, adding with a coy smile, “It takes great skill.”


He added later: “I say on the air all time, ‘if you take what I say as gospel, you’re an idiot.’ ”

[Source: New York Times]

Yet his declarations are taken as absolutely true by millions. That means, according to him, those who believe absolutely in him, are idiots. gullible are these people?

Well, they believe that when he picked the date for his holy crusade to restore honor to a long list of stuff [and to sell gold and get richer], it was a miracle that it just happened to be the anniversary of Dr. King’s I have a Dream speech. Yes, and if Beck chose to hold a special service on December 25 using a pine tree decorated with colored lights and a star on top, it would shock him to discover that these are symbols of Christmas and that the 25th is Christmas. Who would have thought it?

What is disturbing about all this is that so many blindly follow this self declared rodeo clown. He is now proclaiming that the Holy Spirit will speak though him at the rally. Having been so successful in scamming so many, he is now entering into the highly lucrative cult con. David Koresh and Jim Jones both went this way, Jones clearly was a con man at the beginning and there is good cause for believing that Koresh was doing the same. But both came to believe they really were Prophets. It is a dangerous route. All the more dangerous because Beck already has the devotion and blind obedience of far more Americans than Koresh and Jones put together.

Am I afraid of Beck? Only for the sake of the fools who believe in him. He can’t hurt me or America much, but he can destroy their lives. They may be fools, but it is their fear that drives away their rationality. They don’t deserve whatever Beck will do to them.

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