Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mensa vs. Densa

From the Huffington Post:  

--  Emmelyn Roettger of Washington D.C. was accepted into the high-IQ society Mensa in March, the month before her third birthday. --

I have often wished I could join Mensa.  I really want to be able to walk around feeling and being so much smarter than the rest of you. You know, like certain Christians who get to walk around feeling and being so much holier than thou..and than me. Unfortunately, as a life long member of Densa, I am disqualified.  Some guy, whose name I have forgotten (this is normative for members of Densa) wrote about our organization decades ago.  That's the last I've heard about us.

I suppose we have meetings and support groups, but none of us seem to be able to find out where they are being held.  I guess if we ever did find out, we wouldn't be able to find our way to them.

Oh, well...

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