Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Black holes, holographic gravity, and dirty jokes


As I read the comments following the video on the above link regarding black holes and holographic gravity, I was struck by two facts.  First, no one gave me a hint as to what  could induce a two dimensional set of data smeared across a theoretical, event horizon-like limit to our universe to project that data inward and thus create the reality we all experience and of which we are a part.  Second, I was disappointed in the number of adolescent sexual giggle fests over the term, " black hole".  

I posted the following comments:

  In the flood of comments, may I interject a question?  Assuming that holographic gravity is an accurate model of reality, what takes the place of the photons which cause the two dimentional pattern to project a three dimentional image?  I am not opposed to the concept of our perceived reality being such a projection, but can't conceive of an answer for this element of the picture.

Oh, and as a matter of historical interest, Russian physicists were appalled at the adoption of the term, "black hole" as it actually did have a pre-existing crude sexual meaning in their language.

Does anyone out there have an answer to my question?

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  1. And I just got this response:

    Nicholas Warner

    Gravitons (and things closely related to gravitons in string theory). It is the gravity in the "bulk" theory that gives the higher dimensional appearance of the hologram on the boundary.