Monday, September 10, 2012

Lincoln-Douglas: Obama-Romney

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I'm  curious as to your opinion on the debates.  With Obama suffering from the economy and his mixed record while Romney struggles with personal unpopularity and a clinical case of the flip flops, I see the debates as essential.

I expect their impact will be as powerful as they were during the Kennedy/Nixon campaign. I am hearing from various pundits, left and right, that Romney is a skilled debater who will almost certainly win at least one of the debates.

As an old debater, I don't see it.  Romney did very well in the Republican debates, but he was up against a set of incompetent, often incoherent opponents.  Even Gingrich was a pale, sickly shadow of the powerful manipulator he had been.

I saw Romney as a competent debater, not a great one.  Furthermore, he was subject to damaging his performance with with jarring oddities that emphasized his wealth and sense of entitlement.  I would be surprised if he wins any of the debates.  

My question is, what do you expect?  Care to make a prediction?  How about an estimate?

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