Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The St James Infirmary

On rare occasion, when I have been sipping a glass or two of Knob Creek, I might follow the lead of SciFi character Gallager and sing my version of the St James Infirmary:

Well, I went to the St James Infirmary
To see if my babe was there
She was layed out on a slab of marble
So cold, so white, so bare

Let her go, let her go, God love her
Wherever she may be
She can search this wide world over
But she'll never find no sweeter man than me

Now if you dress me for my funeral
In my silk tie and my old felt hat
Put a 20 dollar gold piece on my watch chain;
To say that I'm still standin' pat

Take a shot of my favorite bourbon
Smoke a fine cigar for me
Then remember how much I loved you
And don't never speak no ill of me

Betty Boop sings a good version, too. Well, her sidekick, Koko the Clown, does.

Entire cartoon:
Short version:

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