Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kafka on Trial

Comment to my friend and colleague Dan regarding his comment on how much he enjoys TheTrial.

 So my favorites always were The Burrow first, Metamorphosis is up there, but also, Investigations of a Dog, Josephine the Singer or the Mouse Folk, The Hunger Artist, The Penal Colony.

Although I've read his entire works, I must confess I don't remember most of them all that well.  And yes, that includes The Trial.  Once things settle down around here little bit, I have to reinvest some time in Kafka.

For example, I had to look up the actual titles, because I usually refer to them by my own names, like, "The Mouse Singer".  Not a bad title, just not the right one!

For a few decades I used to say when I'm really truly depressed the only thing I can read is Kafka. Now I add, or Terry Pratchett's Disc World Series.

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