Sunday, May 11, 2014

Whiny Guy Continued

I've had such a marvelous weekend that it seems strange that I should find my body suddenly coming apart.

 It was a three day weekend for me and every day was absolutely wonderful, including today. The weather was beautiful, the breezes cooling and pleasant, I was relaxed and at peace. I even got a lot of writing done (only at the blog level, but that is still writing).

Then, without any warning, a bad wave of vertigo. Bad enough to constitute an attack. Decades of experience have taught me that now I must to be careful for a week. Until seven days have passed without a repeat, I will be vulnerable to vertigo attacks at a higher rate than normal.

Although I have had some problems with my gut in the past few days, they appeared to be completely gone today. Until they came roaring back with a vengeance. Too unpleasant for details in a public post, but suffice to say this hasn't happened at this level in quite a number of months.

I have done the usual things. I made myself eat, although I wasn't hungry. I took a dose of pills. I drank more coke than I wanted to (for the caffeine). And it really hasn't helped much.  The edge is less cutting, but I remain in distress. 

That means it's time to lie down in a dark, cool, silent room. You have no idea how boring that is unless you have been forced to do it. But, it is a necessity. I will end up there sooner or later tonight. And if it is later I will end up there back in the midst of a severe vertiginous event.

I shouldn't complain.  I had most of three fine days, but I miss the days, so long ago, when vertigo was a rare attacker instead of a constant occupier and frequent conqueror.

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