Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes, We Can (But We Don't Wanna)

 From the Charlie Rose interview of  Naomi Klein, the author of, This Changes Everything:

Referring to Germany's success in creating alternative energy, becoming energy independent, and lowering the costs of energy during a time of economic disasters and severe austerity, The author points out that, "…the German recipe has encouraged hundreds of cities and towns to take back control over their energy grids and to keep those profits within their communities to pay for other services; so now Germany has 25% of its electricity coming from renewable energy, much of it wind and solar, much of it decentralized …That model works."  She points out that this is a result of the incentivization of such programs by the government and that this incredible achievement has been accomplished in about 10 years. Our country has  achieved only 4% of our electricity produced by such sources.

The GOP says America can't accomplish this. They say it would destroy our economy. They say it would destroy jobs. Well, unlike Republicans, I believe that if Germans can do it, Americans can do it too.  This is especially true because Germany doesn't even have the resources we have in these areas. We can build bigger windfarms in areas of higher wind speed and the amount sunlight hitting our country is a much higher percentage than that of  cloudy Germany. Yet we are incredibly far behind them.

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