Monday, April 6, 2015

Blessed Are The Liars, For They Shall.....Something Or Other

What amazing obsfucation and disinformation in this article!  It opens with:
Q: Yes or no – RFRAs have only been used to deny service to LGBT people, and just like Jim Crow laws, they could allow people to deny service because of their “sincerely held religious belief.”

First, note that the subject has been changed. The topic is the state RFRAs, especially the Indiana version,  but instantly we are debating all RFRAs.  This is nothing but a straw man and a lie.  I have heard no one, I emphasize, NO ONE saying such a thing.  On the contrary, I have heard opponent after opponent of the state laws defend the federal law.  

There is little point in going further. The supporters of this law will not listen to anything but their own disinformation propaganda and distortions like this article and the rest of us already know the Liars for Christ will not hesitate to continue to lie.  After all, Jesus loves liars.

If you can control your temper, you might want to read the rest of this disinformation.  This will prepare you to counter the deceptions supporters will throw up in a conversation (pun intended), just remember the rules of elemental logic and look for the changes of subject, the outright lies, the emotionally loaded terms, the forced choice/false dichotomies...well, you know the tools used by propagandists.

PS,  I conform with reality and only use value loaded terms when I can make them stick.

PPS,  In my sincere religious belief, deceiving in the Name of God is taking the Lord's Name in vain.

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