Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dickens Redux

Still continuing with the best of times and the worst of times.  Many things to do and a lot that is very confusing. On the other hand the house is ours. Registered with the government and everything. We're about half moved there and have another 21 days to get finished.

Wonderful time with my dear old friend Susan. She came to help and helped a great deal. But more important she gave me great joy reminiscing about old times. 
Also lots of time with the grandkids.  That's really hard in the middle of all of this, but it's also so refreshing to my spirit and my soul. It is family that matters to me first foremost and always.  

We split living arrangements for now. One of us lives in the old house and one in the new. That will continue until the old house is empty.
Tonight I'm exhausted. But at least I had the kids so it wasn't a total loss day for me even though I did nothing toward the house. And there's a huge list to be worked on tomorrow. I'll get there soon enough.

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