Friday, May 6, 2016

Republican Ghouls

In response to a foul Internet meme showing a mutilated human body and claiming it was Ambassador Stevens and thus smearing Hillary Clinton. A friend asked me, "Help me Jim. What can we say about this? Do we know if it is even him?"

I did something the poster should've done, a little fact checking. Then I responded:
No. That is not him. He was carried the hospital by locals who support America after the incident. He had not been raped, not been tortured. What this is is an act of hatred by despicable bigots. The people who have posted or spread this are Mr. Hankey without the charm, the intelligence, or the self-respect.

No one knows who is in the picture, but it's been used again and again to portray different people from variety of nations and wars when someone wants to rouse up mindless hatred.

And also again and again, the Republicans have admitted that Hillary Clinton could not be shown to have done anything  wrong. Of course, their investigating what she might have done wrong recieved heavy publicity, while their admitting they couldn't find that any evidence that she had done anything wrong was virtually ignored.

I don't like Hillary Clinton. I'm afraid that she will follow her husbands lead and restore "triangulation", also known as "capitulation", in order to undo much of what Obama accomplished, but I don't think she is any more corrupt than the average politician. And I know that she's been proven conclusively to be innocent of any wrongdoing in Benghazi. In fact, some of the blame must fall on the Republicans who cut the budget for security for the State Department. If we didn't have enough guards, it's because the Republican's didn't let us.  Reports have indicated there were failures in the State Department in preventative measures before the incident, but at a much lower level that that of the Secretary of State.


-- Someone I went to high school with posted an absolutely horrific photo on Facebook today of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens being dragged naked through the streets of Benghazi and tortured with a cattle prod after being set on fire and repeatedly raped. I hesitate to share it here, as it’s so graphic, but I feel as though people need to know the truth… which, of course, is that Ambassador Stevens was never raped, or tortured in the streets of Bengazi.

Stevens was, as all of us who bothered to read the actual reports know, carried by Libyan civilians to the Benghazi Medical Centre in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attack on the American consulate. He, as we all know, died from the injuries he sustained, but his body was not desecrated, and he was neither raped nor tortured. (Speaking of the attack, murder charges were filed yesterday against Ahmed Abu Khattala, the prominent Benghazi militia leader thought to be responsible.) --

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