Tuesday, September 6, 2016

He Said. She Said. I Said. 'Nough Said. (Suess Said?)


OK so:

Sherbet. Sherbert.
Espresso. Expresso.
Morse Code. Morris Code.
Coleslaw. Coldslaw.

We could go on forever. Is is just a joke or a serious degradation of language?

PS, do not confuse Morris code with Morris dancers. Morris code is a new way of pronouncing the name of the code which was invented by Mr. Morse. Morris code IS a code. Morris dancers are English lunatics who perform bizarre and meaningless rituals in the form of dance. It is considered bad luck to laugh at them, as they are generally soccer rowdies in their normal lives and are very good at fistfights.

PPS, I just realized that this post makes no sense whatsoever. I don't see that that is any reason not to post it. I read a lot of post from other people every day that make no sense. (I mean both the posts and the people.)

It's my turn.

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