Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heard about the straw poll at CPAC? The home hive of the neocon "we hate anything the dems or liberal do" movement gave us a surprise. Ron Paul won the unscientific but not insignificant vote on who should be the next presidential candidate for Conservatives. is it possible the libertarian wing of the republican party is not dead after all?

A few years ago I had an argument with my youngest daughter, the only other family member interested in politics. Her point, as info is declassified, we will see that torture was necessary and did save us. My response, no my dear, we will see that torture hurt us and the government used "classified" to cover us its failures. Cheney's famous memo that would prove torture worked was finally released. It proves that by torturing Zubaida [spelling?] we got info which allowed us to travel back in time and arrest Padilla even before Zubaida was arrested, much less tortured. Wow! the necromancer's had it right, torturing people gives you magic powers!!

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