Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter is a good time to remind any who read this that while I spend a fair amount of blog space criticizing extremists on the religious side of American politics, I also find time to criticize atheist extremists as well. This is largely because I am an avowed enemy of all extremism, but anyone who wants to understand me also needs to know that I am deeply spiritual. I have been distant from God of late for a variety of reasons, but I intend to return to meditation and seeking the ecstasy known only to those who have been one with God. The Buddhist meditator says one with everything, the atheist meditator says one with the universe. We all feel the same ecstasy. We interpret it differently.

I wish a blessed and joyful Easter to all! Whatever you believe, or do not believe, I say, " Peace on earth, to men of good will."

God be with you, one and all!

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