Thursday, April 26, 2012

A response to Bobby's complaint about the noisy city

I know what you're missing!  The deep desert silence.  The vast stillness..except for the owls, but owls are soothing. And the frogs, which are not soothing, actually the frogs are awfully irritating.  And the coyotes howling that damned weird wailing howl all night, sometimes right in your own yard...which sets all the dogs to barking, unless they're also howling at the sirens rushing to St. Mary's.  But then the sheriff's helicopter comes sweeping over and all you can hear is the chop  choping of the rotors and the rattling of every loose thing in the house.  But, hey, the skunks are silent.  You'd would never know they're here if it weren't for the gut churning stench wafting in on the quiet desert zephyrs. Yeah, the city must be frustrating.

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