Thursday, November 8, 2012

Secrets Revealed

Now that the elections are over two revelations have come to light.

1.Speaker Boehner says the American people are demanding compromise and he gets the message. He will continue to make the same rigid and unalterable demands, but he will do so in a nice tone of voice.

2. The secret of Mitt's origins is made public. All previous speculations were wrong! He is not simply a spoiled rich boy who doesn't get it. He is not a robot from the future. The truth is even stranger.

In the 70's, Mattel created a life sized plastic Ken doll for promotional purposes. The doll proved to be more unsettling than expected, so it was stored in a warehouse. There it would still be gathering dust, but for an amazing event. The giant Ken doll was bitten by a radioactive Mormon missionary. This gave it both life and super powers, like the ability to almost be elected President.

Only in America!

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