Friday, March 8, 2013

Strawberry Pie


Pie Dough
Yield: dou­ble crust for a 8″-9″ pie


flour 3 cups
sugar ¼ cup
salt 1 tsp
but­ter, cold 2 sticks (1 cup)
short­en­ing, cold 1/2 cup
water, cold ¼ cup
vodka, cold ¼ cup


Place the flour, sugar, and salt in a food proces­sor and pulse till all is well incorporated.
Add the but­ter and Short­en­ing and pulse 5 or 6 times till the but­ter and short­en­ing are pea sized.
Take the dough and place it in a giant bowl and mix the water and vodka in by hand or with a spat­ula. I pre­fer to do it by hand to make sure I get all of it wet.
Make two disks and place in saran wrap, and refrig­er­ate for at least 2 hours.

This is a very soft dough which requires pie weights to keep the crust from separating from the bottom of the pie pan and to keep the sides from collapsing.

From America's Test Kitchen-- see video on their site.

2 lbs berries
Take out 6 oz. about 6 berries. Purée them. Add 2 tablespoons corn starch. Add 1.5 teaspoons pink box pectin. Add mix to 3/4 cup sugar. Heat to boil and cook til smooth and shiny, thick as hot jelly. Cool in bowl, add 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

Mix in remaining berries, mix thoroughly. Add to pie shell by hand.

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