Friday, August 15, 2014

“Everyone loves a conspiracy.” ― Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code

Based on a photograph of  mars showing a trail a boulder has created by rolling down a martian hill. I commented:

I'm surprised I haven't yet seen a post declaring that NASA is once again hiding proof of alien life on Mars.  I expect believers to state that the life form is silicon-based and moves by hopping in a kangaroo like manner.

Dan replied:

 Wait a minute!  That looks like the boulder trail in Death Valley!  The whole thing's a fake, just like the '69 moon landing (which was filmed pretty much in the same place)!!!!

I replied:

 As all intelligent, non gullible people know, when the Soviets first managed to crash a spaceship onto the moon, (Luna 2 on September 13, 1959) the moon popped. It was, after all, nothing but a giant balloon. Therefore, they had no choice but to fake the moon landings.  Ever since '59, he moon has been an elaborate optical illusion created by Stephen Spielberg and Industrial Light and Magic.  Super moon? Super fraud!

Remember, the truth shall make ye fret!

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