Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Big Bang Or Big Bust?

Very interesting new proposal. As many of you know, I really hate the Big Bang  theory, much preferring ekpirosis. We are supposed to believe that just because the universe run backwards shrinks, it therefore must continue to shrink forever until it becomes a dimensionless point? What's a dimensionless point? I have hated the concept since I first had to deal with it in a junior high geometry class.  Imagine a species similar to Ben Franklin's ephemera. Noting that humans get bigger over time, they would assume that our children must begin as dimensionless points. I don't about your kids, but mine did not begin as dimensionless points.

Also, the theory has the universe beginning with a Bose Einstein condensate. I like Bose Einstein condensates. (It's even got gravitons!)

-- Das and Ali propose that the universe is filled with a quantum fluid made up of gravitons, particles that probably have no mass themselves but transmit gravity the way photons carry electromagnetism. The follow-up paper suggests that in the early universe these gravitons would have formed a Bose-Einstein condensate, a collection of particles that display quantum phenomena at the macroscopic scale. Moreover, the paper argues that this condensate could cause the universe's expansion to accelerate, and so explain dark energy, and might one day be the only surviving component of the universe. --

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