Friday, February 27, 2015

Channeling Fascisism

A Facebook post:   Watched episode one of KanColle.  Not very impressive, but when the intro referred to girls channelling the spirits of famous warships, I thought, "They wouldn't!  Would they?"
They did.

The two girls channeling aircraft carriers were Akagi and Kaga (no mention of Soryu or Hiryu).  Both carriers were instrumental in the attack on Pearl Harbor and were sunk at Midway (ditto for Soryu and Hiryu).  

So what's the problem?  I can't imagine a German cartoon channeling the spirits of Nazi warships, like the Bismark or Graf Spee.  While Germany has come to terms with the horrors of their fascist past, Japan is still bitterly divided by her own history

It is important to note that even Americans who fought against them regarded both the Japanese and German navies as honorable enemies, unlike the armies in question.

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