Friday, February 1, 2013

Washington as Star Trek

John McCain as Lieut. Cmdr. Worf. Seeking revenge on everyone who beat him in a fair and honest contest.

Pres. Obama as Capt. Sisco the Emissary, who brings the word of the prophets to us all, thus bringing an age of peace and prosperity to last for a thousand years.

Hillary Clinton as Capt. Janeway. Lost after a terrible disaster, she seeks to find her way home and succeeds admirably after visiting alien cultures while wandering the universe making friends and fighting new enemies.

Rand Paul as Kahn, attempting to destroy his enemies with his ruthless determination to rule the universe.

Bill Clinton as Spock. He feels our pain but he is coldly calculating and utterly logical .

Or Bill Clinton as Capt. Kirk. He just can't keep those velour pants zipped up! (Velcroed shut?)

And guest starring as Data, Mitt Romney. He desperately seeks to find a way to attain human emotions.

Any other casting suggestions? Come on, it's fun

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