Friday, June 21, 2013

Case Closed

The LA Times has reported that the Exodus ministry, which attempted to "cure" gays of their "addiction" has shut down, admitting it failed in over 99% of all cases, and caused massive suffering and grief in the process.

The Ministry of Hate, at least one of them, has finally shut down. Everyone should read this article. It does not matter which side you're on. This piece of journalism is informative and helpful.

Please pay special attention to the tragedy of the family whose religious bigotry and hatred drove their own son to commit suicide.

Whatever you think about this issue, don't you think it's time to mind our own business? Don't you think it's time for some tolerance? Remember, you don't tolerate things you like. You tolerate things you don't like. After all, being gay is neither a choice nor is it an addiction. Being intolerant and hateful is both. We need a ministry that teaches Christians to stop hating. Just a Modest Proposal.

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