Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun with Commercials

My favorite car insurance commercial just came on TV. You know the one, a father is looking at his damaged car and says to his little girl,  "Now my insurance rates are going to double!"  The little girl sweetly says, "No daddy," and then suddenly her voice turns into a deep and scary male voice which declares,"Not since you have Allstate!". Her father then screams,  "Honey she's possessed again!   Bring out the holy water!  Bring out the holy water!"

As his wife rushes out with a large spray bottle with a cross painted on it the a little girls head start to spin; she floats in the air, vomits pea soup on her father, and declares, "There's no escape!  You signed up with Allstate!  The contract is forever."

Her mother starts to spray her with holy water while her father shouts out, "The power of Christ compels thee.  The power of Christ compels thee!"

The child's demon voice screams deeply.  She drops to the ground, turns back into a normal girl, then says to the camera, "Your family should sign up with Allstate too!"

I think I won't.  Holy water is too hard to come by these days.  Besides, I don't really like pea soup.

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