Friday, September 20, 2013

Self Delusion and Emancipation

One of the most ludicrously bizarre claims made by Republicans today is that they are the party that freed the slaves, so how can they possibly be racist? This level of self-delusion is a new extreme even for them. To go to extreme focus, this is tantamount to saying that the State Department should issue warnings for all Americans going to Rome, especially if they're Christians. After all, you know what the Romans do the Christians!

Radical Republicans in the 19th century meant radically liberal. The Republicans who freed the slaves were one of the most liberal groups in the entire world. They were criticized for being so liberal by conservatives across the globe. Is that true today?

Republicans today include the Democrats who left the Democratic Party so that they could maintain segregation forever. That's right , they left the Democratic Party because they couldn't stand the idea of treating Blacks as equals. They found a welcoming home in the GOP. What the party did over 100 years ago says nothing about what they are today. I don't judge them for what happened 50 years ago either. I judge them by what they're doing and saying today.

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