Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Dancing Bear

          The Dancing Bear

I sang to you
when you were small
When you fit yourself
within  the crook 
of a single arm

I sang to  you
each day and night
of frogs and dogs
and magic sheep
Of, oh, so many things

But most of all
I sang to you
of a dancing bear
The magic song
that worked it's way

It always soothed 
and calmed you down
It brought you peace
And almost every single time
you fell asleep
just before the end

But dancing bears grow up
it seems
They turn back 
unto the wild

If you meet them 
then and there
they may not dance
but rend and tear

They are not bad
nor evil things
They're simply bears

It is their nature
It's how they're made
It is what it is
and they are 
what they are

So you must love them 
as they are
Or love them 
not at all

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