Wednesday, October 16, 2013


A Response to a Friend's Facebook Comment

Interesting that you should make that comment. Since I made that post I had the most enjoyable day. I made myself lie down on the couch and spend my time really resting and just watching old movies on Netflix while drifting in and out.

I've arranged the room so I look out the window, second-story, and see the mountains in the distance, the lights of Victorville at night. The sun strolls across the floor, the light slowly settles into night, and eventually the stars come out.

There was taps, my Vespers, and other religious observances that mean so much to me. And there was peace.

I felt good enough to pan grill a couple of steaks which I ate with rice. I brewed a pot of tea. And in the evening I felt strangely so like I felt when I was a child. All safe and pleasant.

I almost wouldn't have been surprised if someone had come in and said that they'd gotten my bath ready and I should get clean and get to bed!

Part of this is a lot of closeness with family as I've mentioned before. A good deal of it is recovering from the last few awful months. A good deal of it is that this is the holiday season, from Halloween to my birthday, this is the time of year I love the most.

I have a new little fountain sitting by the bedside. I picked it up yesterday on my brief shopping trip. It makes a pleasant sound to which I can sleep.

It is late and I am sleepy but it feels like a very good tired. It is a day well lived.

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