Monday, October 7, 2013

Hymn to Joy

I have lived the most beautiful two days. Summer is always very hard on me. Inevitably it is the worst time of my year. This summer was especially bad. The last three months have been extremely unpleasant, even by my standards.

But, with the cold evenings, I am finally beginning to feel much better. Between yesterday and today I spent a great deal of time with family members both here and out-of-state. Even though the out-of-state contact was, of necessity, by phone rather than a personal presence, it was part of a wonderful and most enjoyable pair of days.

Tonight, after Taps, I felt deeply at peace and spent my time in my enjoyable solitude contemplating the past 48 hours. This is the best I have felt in months, and it is a very good feeling indeed.

For now, for tonight, all is calm and all is peace.

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