Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Quest For The Holy Snail

I'm finally finding a moment or two to begin watching the series, Sons of Liberty. I was very worried because it's on the History Channel, a channel infamous for programming which bears no relationship to actual history in the real world. I'm constantly amazed they don't call it the Silly Fantasy Channel. But I was so wrong! The show is amazingly accurate in every historical detail.

To sum up just the first few minutes:  Sir Samuel Adams, aka Hand Solo, knight of King Arthur's Round Table (located in fabulous Newark, New Jersey) has enraged King Palpatine III of England and the House of Handover by inventing beer and using the profits to finance his archeological adventures in seeking the Holy Snail. As you know, the Holy Snail was the snail Jesus ate at the Last Supper and which was brought back to eternal life upon Jesus's return to demonstrate to Doubting Thomas that he had risen from the dead and really, truly could still perform miracles, honor bright.

I don't want to do any spoilers here, so I had best stop and let you watch this amazingly historically accurate program for yourselves. I assure you, completely and sincerely, that the history in this program is as accurate as any fact that you are likely to hear on Fox News.

For even more utterly accurate facts about American history,  be sure to watch:

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