Sunday, June 7, 2015

Homeward Bound?

Time for a summary/update.  Due to our loss of her husband, Ed, my middle girl, Racquell, left Kansas and came home to California to take care of me.  While I love the home I have been renting for 17 years, I have been fighting to have essential repairs done.  I have begun to refer to my landlord as a golf course slum lord. Note: the home is located on the golf course and is in an expensive area of fine homes.  The list of deteriorations and damages allowed to accumulate by neglect is large, suffice to mention the carpet and flooring are at least 20 years old!

By combining her down payment (legally a gift to me) with my credit, we began looking for a home.  Several offers have come and gone, no point in reporting them.  We are now in   escrow, so it is time to let everyone know. 

The home is nice, but less than I owned in the past. Still, it will be mine and will be not only maintained, but improved.  The family agrees that since Racquell has paid the down and has taken on the burden of caring for me, the home will be hers if something happens to me.

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