Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sartor Resartus

In response to a Conservative Post on Facebook which asked readers to pray for our country to return to "her Biblical foundations", a friend asked where such  foundations could be found.  I replied:

Since the Founders of the United States were men of the Enlightenment (Jefferson denied the virgin birth, the divinity of Christ and every single Biblical miracle as nonscientific), you can find the Biblical foundations of the US only in the minds of deluded and gullible conservatives--they exist no where else. 

Sorry, conservatives, but reality is real and facts are facts. You may desire that  the US be turned into a Biblical nation, but it was never so in the past, in spite of venial politicians making false declarations to gain votes.  

I understand that you wish to make a third Covenant with God and become the new Chosen People.  That is between you and God.  As for our Biblical foundations, you have confused the 21st century United States of America with ancient Judea.  They are very different.

Notes on Sartor Resartus:  Archibald MacMechan surmised that the novel's invention had three literary sources. The first being The Tale of a Tub by Jonathan Swift... In that work, the three main traditions of Western Christianity are represented by a father bestowing his three children with clothes they may never alter, but proceed to do so according to fashion....

...Macmechan suggests that the novel provoked Carlyle's frustration and scorn due to his "zeal for truth and his hatred for fiction" spoken of in his letters of the time.

From Wikipedia.

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