Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Non-Aristotelian View Of Aristotle

In response I posted: Finally! A professional scientist agrees with me that Aristotle was in many ways the first scientist. And also that Plato was the enemy of science. Positions I've held for a long time. Positions which generally are held in reverse.

The review indicates that the author does note that neither of these men grasped the concept of experimentation, which kept them from being true scientists. But you cannot ask a philosopher to become a true scientist without all the background of centuries of intellectual development which led to what we now know as the scientific method.
Aristotle has had a bad name because the scholastics of the Middle Ages, with the support of the Catholic Church, warped and distorted his philosophy into something it was never intended to be. Criticizing Aristotle for the attitude of the middle ages Church is like criticizing Darwin because of Social Darwinism. Darwin never supported or accepted Spencer's bizarre beliefs, even when Spencer renamed them Social Darwinism. Similarly, Aristotle ever accepted the mindless belief in authority once promulgated by the Church.

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