Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reflections On Our Lives

How strange the twists of life. Being warriors in a war we never wanted to fight, getting the news that the cause we love so dearly seems irreversibly lost, seeing the ruin of so much that is precious and irreplacable...

Yet, somehow at least we have each other to hold. In the end family is really all we have.

And yet tonight my son and I could talk. And in the midst of everyday life and all its little interlocking bits and pieces, little gears whirling and twirling...and in the midst of all the great disaster all around us...we could talk. The horror is no less. But somehow there's a sense of acceptance. A sense of resignation. A sense of it will have to do.

We both regret the time we no longer have just to bum around together, but we are not strangers. He has learned that which I taught him. He has learned family. He does what needs to be done and still finds time to simply to be with his children, close together, sharing life, making moments.

This is a gift it took a lifetime to create. It is a gift I hope will pass on down, generation upon generation.

And it will have to do.

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