Friday, July 5, 2013

Cory's Song

Last song of the series. It's the last one not because there are no other people who should have songs, but because they are either so young that I have not yet found the one song that most represents them, or because they are so physically distant from me that I am not able to determine the correct one.  This one is especially appropriate because it was the song they got me thinking that I should create this series, and it has already been posted as a sort of prequel.

So, this one is for my oldest grandson, Cory. It's appropriate because its a song about a man doing a hard, tough job in a brutal world, yet who manages to retain his own humanity as well as his sensitivity to the humanity of the poor and desperate who share his existence.  That means that the song's evocation of him is enhanced by its being the theme song news for the series, Copper.


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  2. Why is the print larger on this than my other posts and how can I reduce it? I suppose, someday, I will have to learn have to how to use the system. Someday.

  3. Maybe Cory can show me how...