Friday, July 12, 2013

High Tech Mystery

Kotobukiya? That's what dragon speak wrote down when I dictated, "couch potato man". I understand that no system is perfect. I realize that Dragon has created an amazing technology. I don't expect it to be error-free and to always get every word correct. But "couch potato man" became Kotobukiya? 

How did THAT happen?  

Also, is that Japanese? Does somebody speak Japanese? What does that even mean?

So I googled it. It's the name of a plastic model kit manufacturing company.  (Yes, it's a Japanese company.)  But I still don't know what the name means.

Another day and other problems.  I said, "she asked for an explanation" and Dragon typed Jaspering.  I've had it with these weird words. I am not going to Google Jaspering to try to find out what it means. No, seriously! I have willpower.  I can resist.

Nevertheless, I still have to wonder, why are Dragon's errors so often extremely strange words of which I have never even been previously aware?  Does anybody know?

I suppose it could be ambient noise. Or perhaps I have developed a speech impediment? I used to pride myself on the clarity of my speech. I was a varsity debater and speaker in high school. I guess the final answer is, it's just one of life's many mysteries.

Unless Dragon has gone sapient and just doesn't like me...

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