Sunday, July 14, 2013

The South Shall Rise Again

Yesterday, as everyone was speculating about what the verdict might be in that Martin-Zimmermann case,  I came to two conclusions. 

But first a summary: in Florida an adult male with a loaded gun stalked an unarmed 17-year-old boy going about his lawful business. The armed man claimed he had a right to defend himself against the unarmed young man he was following . But of course the youth did not have a right to defend himself. Only the stalker has that right.

Conclusion one was an emotional response. How could they possibly let this man free after he went out with his gun looking for trouble, found the trouble, and killed an innocent unarmed human being?

Conclusion two was a more rational analysis. This is Florida. An all White jury is about to hear a case in which a White Hispanic man armed with a gun killed an unarmed Black youth going about his lawful business. Conviction is impossible.

I will apply to this case same rule I apply to all cases in which one group is seeking special protection over another. What if the circumstances were reversed? Ask yourself, honestly now, what if an adult Black man had been angry about White youths coming into his neighborhood? What if he had repeatedly called the police to report suspicious characters and 100% of the cases he reported were in regard to White youths? What if this Black man took his gun and went out one night, saw what he thought was a suspicious White boy, and followed him.  You know the rest. Would you think that the Black man had murdered the White boy? I'm certain no all-White Southern jury would have had any doubts.

For the record, those of you who think I am damning the Hispanic male because the dead youth is Black have got it wrong.  First, I am Hispanic myself.  Second, I feel today exactly the same way I felt when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty. Justice has been perverted a most foul and disgusting way.

Once Republican State legislatures, with the collaboration of United States Supreme Court, brought Jim Crow back could lynching be far behind? The question has been answered. The jury is in.  The answer is no.

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