Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reality Meets Sci Fi

In an effort to produce a healthy child with the potential for a reasonably disease-free life, the article above indicates that scientists in Britain will attempt to create the first child who genetically has three parents. The disease affecting this child's parents, and therefore the child (if action is not taken) is spread through the mitochondria. All children receive the pattern for their entire set of mitochondria from their mother.

By taking the nucleus of a donated egg and replacing it's nucleus with the nucleus of the child's mother to be, this problem will be avoided. However, this will mean the child will genetically have two mothers -- technically.

At least some individuals have already objected to this as an immoral procedure. But I just can't see that. The accusation that the scientists involved are playing God could be, and was, applied to such issues as anesthesia; until Queen Victoria chose to use anesthesia for herself during childbirth, thus putting an end to that issue. Before she did so, ministers were actually preaching against anesthesia from the pulpit! Their position was quite simple. If God didn't want us to suffer horrible pains and agony, he wouldn't have given us the ability to suffer horrible pains and agony. That's logic, that is.

The Jetson's never dreamed of children with three parents, but I'll take this over flying cars. Opponents object on the basis of morals. I say morality compels medical action to prevent disease and provide a healthy life. To all the children, not yet conceived, who will be freed from disease and suffering, and to the doctors and scientists who will set them free; I say, this is why God gave us brains, to use them to better human life.

God bless you, one and all! You're doing His work.

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