Saturday, April 16, 2016

Euphemism Jack vs. Blowhard Donald

I just discovered a post I failed to make. I wrote it, but failed to post it. To refresh your memory, back in February, Trump told an elaborate story about General Pershing when he was serving as commander of the American expeditionary force in the Philippines. According to Trump, he once captured a group of anti-American insurgents who were fighting for their country's freedom and, because they were Muslim, lined up 50 of them. He then dipped bullets in pig's blood and ordered his men to shoot each one of them except for one, single man. He then told that man to go and worn everybody else that this is what happened to insurgents.

According to Trump, this instantly put an end to the insurgency.

This is, of course, insanity. First, no such action is ever recorded reliably from any source, although it is a widely believed story. Second, the insurgency never magically stopped. It was a long, hard, bloody battle that really only ended when America finally made it clear that we really would stop forcing the Philippines to remain under our control and let Philipinos be a free people.

That's the context, so here's my old post.

Love crimes against humanity? Vote Trump!

Trump would probably be surprised to discover that Black Jack Pershing was not so nicknamed because he struck his enemies like a blackjack. He got the name because he was so respectful of the Black troops he commanded. That's when his fellow officers began calling him "a racial slur" Jack. This was later changed to Black Jack, a nickname which he regarded with pride.

In short, Black Jack Pershing was a tolerant, decent human being who respected minorities and their rights at a time when doing so marked him as a very peculiar man indeed.
He was an honorable and highly respected officer in spite of this 'peculiarity'. There is no record of him ever having committed any murders or war crimes.

Note: I wrote "a racial slur" because the rules of this site, as I understand them, would punish me for using the correct and accurate term. I understand the motivation in banning this term, but I think it's quite silly to do so when adults are having a conversation about racial prejudice. I can imagine young people one day asking, "What's the "N-word I'm not supposed to use"? And how do you intend to tell them? I mean, you can't use the word. Maybe you could play them a line or two from a rap song and say, "Did you hear the word that started with N? That's the word. Don't ever say that!"
Whoops! I have to stop writing this post now. I have to go tinkle in the you know what. Giggle. Giggle.

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