Friday, April 8, 2016

You Pay Your Taxes And Take You Your Chances

A popular Internet meme list how government types supposedly operate. It's a clear attempt to sneer at socialists, aka, Bernie Sanders. It promotes a total misunderstanding of the concept of democratic socialism. A more accurate view is as follows:

Helps you buy a herd of cows, then buys back their products. Also orders you to run the farm their way.

Depends on the Democrat. Some are Conservative, some are Liberal, some are short, unpredictable and unreliable governance is the rule.

Runs everything, very badly. Tells you you live in Paradise.

Takes half your herd, gives it to the rich, then pays the rich not to do any work with the herd. When the rich man's herd dies from neglect, the government takes more of your cows to give to him, and pays him a bonus for being such a great farmer.

Democratic Socialist
Helps you buy a herd, helps you care for it, helps you sell its products. Taxes you for the profit you make and provides you and your family with world class health care, a clean and safe environment, the world's best schools, and so on.

See Republican.


A friend posted an addendum to this which I cannot resist adding here with my commentary. The original post said something on the line of:

Libertarian. I have a cow and I don't care of you have one.

I read this as:

Libertarian: You have a cow. The government doesn't give a damn about your cow or anything else. Hope your starving neighbors don't come and murder you and steal your cow. But if they do, it's none of our business. You libertarians are on your own. Every man for himself. Libertarianism, anarchy with lipstick on.

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