Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fantasy Fulfillment

In response to the above article, I posted:

I guess some of you Southerners need a little reminder of what happened the last time you tried something like this. Do you remember that big, dirty, old Yankee boot? The one that ended up on the back of your neck as you lay prostrate on the ground; desperate, half starved, and crushed by superior military force?

You do?

But that must mean…oh. I get it now. It excites you to have that boot crushing you down, doesn't it? I can hear you now, "Crush me with your boot, Yankee! Oh yes! Oh yes! Crush me harder! Oh you damn Yankee! Damn, damn Yankee! Oh yes!"

I'm not into rape fantasies, so I can say is, sweet dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree? If that's what turns you on, OK. I'm tolerant and I mind my own business about other people's private bedroom affairs. Have fun,  but please keep it quiet.   I need my rest.

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