Sunday, April 24, 2016


 In response to a post regarding Missouri's proposed religious freedom laws which pointed out that religious conservatives are now finding themselves opposed by their business allies, I responded:

This may go to a public vote, "triggering an even bigger fight, pitting Christian conservatives against their old allies in business."

But, my conservative friends,  The members of the business community, especially the wealthy class, were never your allies. On the surface they appeared to be; but they weren't. They used to you. That's why so much of their agenda been adopted on a national level and almost none of yours has been.

This is because they didn't really care about your agenda. They used you to get what they wanted done. They had no interest in helping you accomplish your goals. And now that your "alliance"  has become inconvenient for them, they're showing their true colors and abandoning you by the roadside.

Many of us who are not conservatives are not surprised. You shouldn't be either.

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