Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Scream! Scream!

Transgender Freak Videos Women In Restroom- OK With You Springsteen?

Just one of the numerous hysterical posts on this incident by right wing conservatives now plastered all over the Internet.

I responded:

More easily dispelled lies from the extremists on the right. The man never claimed to be transgender. This happened in 2013, not recently. Let me repeat, The man was pretending to be a woman. He was not pretending to be transgender!

In short, the discriminatory laws being passed in some southern states would have had absolutely zero effect on this man being in the woman's bathroom. What he did was illegal under any circumstances, including under the circumstances which allow transgender individuals who identify as women to use the women's restroom. When the facts are completely against you, I guess you just have to make up wild lies in order to make your point. But honestly, Republicans and so-called conservatives, who's the sexual creep here? Because frankly, you are the creepy ones.

I have to ask again. What's wrong with you people? Why do you hate reality, facts, and truth so much? Why do you want to be comstantly so terrified and enraged that you're incapable of even the least bit of rational thought? does it appeal to your purulent interest in other people's bathroom habits?

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