Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Cuban Missile Crisis

From a post made to my grandson who has survived an anthrax attack drill. This should bring back memories for anyone who remembers the 60s.

Then there was the Cuban missile crisis.  Dad vanished on base for days, we were all reminded that a tactical AFB (in the old days, there were two branches, tactical and strategic...) was a primary nuclear target. Everyone was prepared for what appeared to be the end of the world as we knew it. At our house, we were expected to spend our time, in the event of a nuclear exchange, living in the hallway.  This put an extra wall between us and the outside, the idea was that this would reduce some of the radioactivity.
 Of course if a nuke had actually hit George, we would've been worried about any nuclear radiation afterward. We would've been the nuclear radiation afterward -- or at least the dust carrying it That meant we anticipated being  in some very severe conditions even if George was spared. It never happened, but at that time we really believed it might.  History says we were right.  If Kennedy had listened to LeMay, there would've been a nuclear exchange. Even Khrushchev's records tell us that.  

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