Sunday, March 11, 2012

Once again, we are hearing from the Radical Republicans about how we must suppress the votes of those who wish to vote illegally . Of course it's interesting to note that this serious problem that must be addressed doesn't look quite so serious when we take a look at the numbers. The Bush Justice Department, which also made a lot of noise about voter fraud, on the part of Democrats, of course, ran a specific probe on the subject from 2002 to 2007. 

Yes, the United States Department of Justice devoted many millions of dollars and many, many man hours to tracking down every single possible case of this evil voter fraud. Five years later they managed to bring a shocking number of prosecutions -- 86. Yes, that's right, 86 prosecutions.  Mind you, that's not convictions, only prosecutions, out of 300 million votes cast. That's a total of 0.00003% -- four zeros, one 3; also known as three one hundred thousandths of one per cent. That sure is a huge, incredible problem that requires a massive effort to disenfranchise millions of American voters just to prevent those 86 possibly fraudulent people from voting isn't it?

 And let me remark again, that's 86 prosecutions, not convictions. So it's very clear that voter fraud is taking place on a frightening level in America, only it's not individual Democratic voters who are committing it. It's the Republican Party and it's elected officials attempting to destroy the very concept of democracy in America by disenfranchising perfectly legal voters because they vote for the wrong party. Wrong meaning Democratic, of course.

Remember, this is the political party which, a few short years age, openly planned to become the "permanent majority" party. They intended to change America into a one party nation with only a token and powerless Democratic Party to make the sham of democracy appear to be real.  They are continuing their efforts and, right now, they are beginning to succeed. 

Who is the target of these voter suppression efforts?  Primarily minorities and young voters, especially college students.  Why them? Because they strongly tend to vote for Democrats.

I support all reasonable efforts to encourage ALL eligible voters to vote.  Republican, Democratic, Independent.  Your vote is your business.  If I disagree with your choice, that's my problem, not the government's!  Free people get to vote.  If you don't like how they vote, that's too bad!

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