Monday, March 26, 2012

True Believers

Comments continued on the subject of True Believers both fundamentalist, evangelical atheists out to save humanity from religion and the religious out to save humanity from the the wrong religion.  It should be noted that I am deeply spiritual, but convinced that God is not concerned with doctrine or ritual. Only with our kindness and being good to the world and to each other.

Hey, Bobby!  Really interesting response to Krauss. I suspect the multiverse is correct and it is eternal, though our universe is  not.  But this raises unanswerable problems too.  The nature of eternity is beyond the limits of the human mind, which recalls a point  made in  the first link below.

A little arrogance gets a long way.  Waiting for the second coming and waiting for the day when everyone instantly converts to atheism are reverse and obverse of the same golden coin of, "I'm right.  You're a fool.".  Both are rationalizations of the individual believer's emotional decision to believe in his faith, and both are all about lording it over the other dope who got it all so wrong.  Each is desperate to sing "We are the Champions" over their crushed and sorrowful opponent.  The believers have been saying, "Any day now!  He's coming!  Any day now!" for 2,000 years.  The anti faithful have been declaring that no one had a need for that hypothesis since Laplace.  "They'll stop believing any day now!  They"re stopping!  Any day now!". Both can hardly wait to win.

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