Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Ronald of Reagan

The difference between Ronald Reagan and today's Reaganites is that Ronald Reagan, although an ideologue, also recognized that reality is real and must be dealt with. In other words, when the facts finally forced him into a position where he either denied reality and got a divorce from it or changed his ideology; he changed his ideology. This means the extreme right wing of today who lionize and idolize Ronald Reagan are Reaganites in Name Only a.k.a. RINOs.

The situation is so extreme, that Reagan would be called a liberal, pr even spcialist, today by those who claim to be his disciples.  This is remarkably like their attitude toward Jesus.  They worship him, but consistently do the opposite of what he told them they must do to earn salvation.  They are CHINOs.  

No, not the pants!  Christians in Name Only.

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  1. If anyone is wondering why I am posting at 4 am, it is because I have had two very sleep deprived days. I just woke up from a solid 5 hours of sleep. I need more, of course, but what a good start!