Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Post from the past

Technically, I have failed to post every day for Lent. My Tuesday post was a few minutes into Wednesday, so here's another. It is a Facebook post from December:

For a variety of reasons, no need to list them all , I feel better spiritually, emotionally, and physically tonight than I have felt in months. God willing, it will last. But in any event, tonight I am at peace. Tonight I am, in spite of having had a rather difficult couple of days, I find myself in surprisingly good shape tonight. I got a few things done today, and in fact I had just hung the third string of Christmas lights when James called. I need to go back to moment and point out that while I did put up Christmas lights for the first time in years the day after Thanksgiving, I only put up two because the third set was not working properly, since only the blue and red lights would come on, leaving the green ones dark. Since I couldn't find any new sets yesterday, I decided to go ahead and hang it up. And surprise, surprise, shortly after I plugged it in, the green lights came on. That made me quite happy. 

Then James called. He had Alex reading to me. Since Alex is recently in first grade, this is pleasant in and of itself. But the piece de resistance in this case was what he was reading was a little critter book I given in James on Christmas many long years ago. The dedication indicated to James that this was another little critter book which I knew someday he would give to his little critters when he was a father; and, sure enough, here it was happening. It's hard to top that! 

In spite of all the problems, I think it's going to be a good Christmas this year. I had a great start to Thanksgiving! I had breakfast at Denny's with James and his Orangemen.  And the score is as follows: I began with two orders of bacon, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and hash browns. Jeremiah got half the bacon, Lexi and Alex got two of the other pieces, and I got one. Jeremiah got about one third of the eggs, with Alex and Lexi taking a pretty good chunk out of the rest. But I did get take some of them home. Since the kids have their own pancakes, I got to eat all of those. Lexi, Alex and I pretty much evenly divided the hash browns, since Jeremiah didn't like them. And Charlotte had to content herself with her own meal, since she was at the other end of the table. As any grandparents and tell you, that was a very good meal indeed! 

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