Monday, March 12, 2012

From last December:

Had a wonderful night with James and the kids yesterday. Tony being away at school in the evening, he gets lonely, so I went over and we spent some time together. He pointed out that this is the first time the old house had outside Christmas lights and, you know, as far as I can remember, it is. It looked really nice. I tried to give him some advice, only to find out he had already thought everything through when it came to the conclusions I was suggesting. Smart kid .

Just back from walking the dog . Last night, he went wild over a coyote hanging nearby. Tonight he was eager to get out, obviously looking for the coyote again. I'm not far from the house and there he is, just standing there.  It was dark and I didn't see him at first, but there he was no more than 40 feet away calmly looking at us. Toby was wild, trying to get over to him, but the coyote just quietly walked off into the bushes as if we were nothing very important. For the rest of the walk, I could hear that weird coyote howl, yowl , yelp in front of us, behind us on both sides of us --obviously they're out hunting tonight. So I guess our friend felt comfortable because he knew he had plenty of backup! 

I don't like coyotes, they're dangerous to pets. But I must admit a grudging admiration for such clever, fast, survivable creatures. Looney Tunes notwithstanding, if a coyote could get hold of a credit card, I don't think he would waste much time buying things from Acme and I don't think the Road runners would get away with it as often as the cartoons imagined.

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