Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whiny Guy

The title is a warning!  Whenever you see it, be aware that I am entering into territory which is treacherous and full of shoals.  It comes from my version of one of the dreariest, most reeking of self pity, wretched songs ever written.  Alone Again, Naturally. 

It my subtle way of warning potential readers that I am NOT happy at the moment.

Read on at your own peril!

I had a very long, but accomplished day yesterday.  I got my taxes done (thank you, Debbie!) and relocated/rewired my upstairs sound system.  The latter was a frustrating experience,  but was successful. The result was a difficult night.  As always, I pay dearly for demanding my body function for an extended time.  OK, so I had a mild crash.  That is hardly surprising.

The  problem is today.  My grandson's dog, normally a welcome visitor, ate a few things I value...well, details don't matter.  The point is, I needed a quiet, peaceful day. I got a noisy, irritating mess.  I am irritable, confused, vertiginous and generally unfit for  company, human or animal.

I am posting because, late as it is, I am trying to post on  this blog every day during Lent. I am retreating from the world and my family for the rest of the night.  I hope for a better day tomorrow.  I end this day with my words for the above referenced song:

I'm a really whiny guy,
All I do is whine and cry,
Alone again,
Wonder why?

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